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Knit Me by Inspiration Knits


Knit Me by Louise Zass-Bangham of Inspiration Knits is the ideal design for luxury yarns that just shout ‘Knit Me’!  

This pattern is well suited for working on while travelling or chatting with friends as the design is easily memorised.

Worked from the bottom up, you keep going until it is long enough or you have used up your yarn.

There is the option to add beads to pick out the colours of your chosen yarn. 


Suggested 25cm wide at widest point x 160cm long.  Easily customisable.  Can knit until you have run out of yarn.

Suggested Wool

Eden Cottage Yarns BFL Sock 100g 400m / 436 yards


Mobberley 4 ply 100g 333m

Knit Night can be made using any weight of yarn.

4ply min 365m / 400 yards. DK / Worsted 310m / 340 yards

Tools / Materials

4.00mm (US6) OR 4.5mm - 5.00mm (US7 - 8) circular needles 100cm long.

Locking stitch marker.

Optional: Beads for 4 ply version Size 6 250 beads Crochet hook 1mm or smaller for adding beads.


Not important.  Aim for a soft, draped fabric.


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